Market-Based Valuation

Business Valuation

At Norton Jackson, we believe the process of selling your business begins with knowing what it is worth today. This critical piece of information becomes the foundation for future discussions and planning about how to sell your business, when to sell it and who the most likely types of buyers will be.

Market-based Business Valuations

Our approach to business valuation is straightforward. We ask the question: What would a willing buyer pay for your business? While there are many ways to value your business, we feel that a market-based valuation provides the most realistic measure of how buyers will value your business.

Our business valuations are complimentary and are not certified. Turnaround time is several weeks. Business owners use our market-based valuations for several reasons:

  • Selling a business
  • Exit Strategy Planning
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Growth Planning
  • Evaluating an unsolicited offer

Our valuation process begins with a conversation. We seek to understand the reasons you want a valuation and how you plan to use the report. In addition to asking you questions, we will request a minimum of three years of financial information (Profit and Loss statements and Balance Sheets) as well as three years of tax returns.

There are many reasons to get a valuation done but we can’t think of one reason to NOT get one done.


Interested in learning more about selling your business, enhancing its value or buying another?  Please contact us to schedule a confidential, no obligation conversation.