Capital Raising

We help companies raise equity capital from private equity groups at a higher valuation and on better terms than they are likely to achieve on their own.


In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, middle market businesses require efficient capital structures that provide a foundation for growth and flexibility.  A properly capitalized company is better positioned to take advantage of strategic business opportunities as they arise.

The partners of Norton Jackson have years of experience navigating the private capital markets.  We have raised significant capital for our clients over the years by leveraging our deep relationships in the private equity and high net worth communities. We have cultivated relationships built on trust with many of the leading private equity firms in the country and we also utilize our extensive database to make sure that we find the right partner for our client.  We will leverage our experience, personal relationships and expertise to help you find the right capital sources on the best possible terms.

We provide services in a variety of capital situations including:


  • Recapitalization

    Effectively restructuring a company’s capital structure can help the owners accomplish a number of objectives. For example, a recapitalization can provide shareholder liquidity, access to growth capital and flexibility on debt servicing requirements. Norton Jackson has advised clients and arranged capital sources for a number of recapitalization programs over the years.

  • Growth Financing

    Business owners often have visions for the organic growth of their business. They have developed strategies to increase production, expand geographically, introduce new product lines, etc.; however, implementing these growth strategies often requires outside financing. Norton Jackson has the expertise and a network of contacts to help you finance the successful organic growth of your business.

  • Acquisition Financing

    Many successful middle market business strategies involve growth through leveraged acquisition. Our experienced team will help you analyze the acquisition target, recommend the optimal capital structure, and help you obtain financing through the use of an aggressive competitive process designed to secure the best economic terms for you.

  • Strategic Partners

    A strategic partner can often help you take your business to the next level. Whether you need funds for organic growth or acquisition, a strategic partner with experience in your industry, access to new distribution or supply channels, or knowledge of a particular intellectual property may be the most efficient method of increasing the reach and profitability of your business. There are many subtle factors involved in selecting a strategic partner; not the least of which is whether you and the prospective partner have the same vision. Norton Jackson has helped many business owners identify, evaluate and select strategic partners that give them the best chance for future success.

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