Buy A Business

A well-defined acquisition program can be an essential part of a company’s growth strategy. Identifying, negotiating and acquiring a target company that compliments your acquisition strategy is not easy. We help our clients execute acquisitions by utilizing our deep transaction expertise.

The Business Buying Process

Once you have decided to buy a business, locating that one company that fits perfectly with your business goals and budget can be a challenge.  Our partners have decades of experience in helping business owners and private equity firms acquire businesses, we have developed a refined and effective business buying process.

Clarify the Buying Strategy

Develop alternatives and recommend appropriate courses of action for owners to take as part of a: 

  • Growth Strategy
  • Industry Consolidation Strategy
  • Business Diversification Strategy
  • Management Buyout

Identify and Qualify Prospects

  • Identify multiple potential acquisition targets, including companies not on the market. Ascertain if they have an interest in selling and a desire to complete the transaction as offered by the buyer
  • Qualify the prospects based on the criteria established with the buyer
  • Establish valuation expectations and price multiples
  • Exchange information and assist in the negotiation of a letter of intent

Negotiate and Close the Deal

  • Structure the deal
  • Coordinate the professional team including attorneys and CPAs
  • Close the deal

Interested in learning more about selling your business, enhancing its value or buying another?  Please contact us to schedule a confidential, no obligation conversation.